PIR Roofing Panel Installation

76 meter lift using our GMK 6220 220t

roof pir panels

Orange Hospital

Tower Crane Construction

orange hospital tower crane 1
orange hospital tower crane 2
orange hospital tower crane 3

Bathurst Jail

New jail cells installed

bathurst jail cells 1
bathurst jail cells 2
bathurst jail cells 3

Forbes Caltex

Fuel Tank Installation

forbes caltex fuel tanks 1
forbes caltex fuel tanks 2
forbes caltex fuel tanks 3

Newcrest Cadia Mine

Triple Lift

newcrest cadia mining 3
newcrest cadia mining 2

Cowra Holiday Park

Cabin Relocation

cabin relocation 3
cabin relocation 2
cabin relocation 1

Forbes Rail Siding

44t and 64t tamper and Loco at Forbes rail siding. Ready to upgrade some track work 130t crane.

forbes rail 1
forbes rail 2
forbes rail 3

North Parkes Mine

110t Switch Room Installation

north parkes mine 2
north parkes mine 1
north parkes mine 3

Suma Park Dam

Dam Wall Construction

suma park dam 7
suma park dam 6
suma park dam 1
suma park dam 5
suma park dam 4

Parkes Bogie Change Out

130t Loco Engine

bogie change out parkes 2
bogie change out parkes 3
bogie change out parkes 1

75t Transformer

Unloaded and Installed – 220t Crane

75t transformer 1
75t transformer 2
75t transformer 3